In today's hustle and bustle of industrial digitalization, we are very pleased to be able to offer our customers products that incorporate outstanding optical technologies, also in the aspect of image processing in the third dimension - 3D. With 3D scanning, any product can be scanned without gaps. From point distance measurement to industrial image processing, this technology is available for everyone. Our products are wide-ranging. From cars to accessories or engine views to unique custom designs, any product can be scanned and processed thanks to the cutting edge technology.

One of the main reasons for using a 3D scanner is to create the possibility for our customers to scan unavailable or defective products of any size and made of different materials with complex internal and external geometries. This technology helps our customers to scan important items and then recover the perfect dimensions as a product. This means, for example, that the entire vehicle does not have to be replaced if only one item is missing. For engine enthusiasts, the 3D scan is used to scan the exact appearance and shape of an engine and with the first-class 3D scan result, serves as an orientation for further innovations.