At the latest after the Hollywood movie "The Fast and the Furious" a new trend arrived also in Switzerland. Mainly young men and women have become fans of car tuning and find pleasure in making their own car more individual than the conventional workshop equipment. As with any new trend, however, various laws must be observed to ensure proper order and safety.

We are the Swiss carbon aerodynamics partner for you! The basis for our business activities are our values: Innovation, Professional Consulting, Quality and Safety. These values determine our thoughts and actions, as well as our behavior towards customers, workshop partners and other stakeholders.

One of our most important services is our know-how in the field of fitting accuracy to every type and version of car. Professional advice is essential for choosing the right type of carbon parts. Each car model type has a different design of the vehicle. In order to be able to realize the exact requirements of the vehicle, we offer a selection of model types in our online store, which provides a first insight into their future vehicle.

We put our customers in the foreground. We offer competent advice in the right choice of products and inform properly about laws and regulations. Depending on the legal requirements, the add-on part is tested and a corresponding DTC certificate is issued. Because our highest incentive is to offer exclusively roadworthy add-on parts. Our customers also benefit from professional installation directly on site or via one of our expert partner workshops at favorable attachment prices.


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